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at that. these pictures courtesy of kdfw, fox 4 for the dallas metro. arlington is right between fort worth and dallas. south of interstate 30. north of interstate 20. and the flooding is stunning to see. trace gallagher in los angeles and watching it along with us as is our meteorologist in the weather center. who is in there today? rick reichmuth is there. rick, this thing is nuts. >> incredible. you know what, get a storm like this. came out of no where, hermine and was not over the water a long time before making landfall. this area doesn't get this kind of rain this often and some areas have seen over 12 inches of rain and a lot of areas five to eight inches. a vast area normally extremely dry and when the ground is that dry it doesn't absorb the water it runs off quickly and that is what we are seeing. there is a lot more rain still to be had across texas and it is slowly moving towards the north. i think we will see repeat scenes like this that you are looking at across areas of oklahoma into arkansas and missouri over the next couple of days, shep. >> i wonder what it is that
phillips who is in his fourth year as head coach of the dallas cowboys. and the offense is definitely under the microscope. you look at mike martz and what that offense is doing. the bottom point. that is really with the alex barron situation was last week. everybody kept saying alex barlon, he made three holding penalties. that covered up the fact that offensively, other than alex barron, the cowboys really didn't do anything with the washington redskins. >> troy: you're right. a big part of that was because of the penalties that pam oliver eluded to. going back to the start of the '08 season, the cowboys the most penalized team in the national football league. >> joe: to kick it off is feeley. he drives this into the end zone and knox will take it out. johnny knox gets the edge! buehler knocks him out after he crosses the 35. a 42-yard return and a great start for chicago. >> troy: a couple of good blocks on the outside. you see they started up inside, inside wedge and knox is able to break it to the outside. any time you're one-on-one then with the kicker, buehler, in this case, having t
up in a few minutes. >> this just in we want to show a live pictures coming in from dallas tx this is downtown dallas where a tornado touched down about an hour ago you can see the damage there they have power crews tried except power pole right there. that is the most damage we have seen so far from this tornado. it you can see the building looked collapsed the tractor trailer rig in front of it this too has collapsed as well. this is a huge building it's sort of an industrial area in the southern part of downtown dallas. it's 7:08 p.m. there this happened about 6:00 p.m. we don't know if anybody was injured in this of looking at the pictures the tornado did quite a bit of damage to this building. his secret from their trying to assess this building and you can see on the part of their where it most of the damage was done it's sort of rub out the will of this building. you can see water pouring as crews go into the building to see what's going on. on the other set of the building we seem damage to a b.f. goodrich tire store at about two blocks away we saw big chunk of rock th
that right here nbc 4. >> the dallas cowboys on sunday. pat collins is live with more on how fans are getting into the spirit. >> reporter: everybody knows there is an nfl game tonight. appetizer. the real game of consequence, sunday night. redskins-cowboys. entre. >> honk, honk. >> reporter: honk if you hate dallas. i couldn't have said it better myself. redskins people out with the hate dallas signs on the track. out with their hate dallas signs on the street. they have signs. we have signs, too. let's get on with this. how do i hate dallas? let me could you be the ways. if i stay word dallas hour, do you feel? >> it makes my skin crawl. >> they're the embodyment of evil. >> i hate the uniform. >> reporter: you hate the uniforms. >> i hate the stars. >> reporter: when you see that uniform -- >> yes. when i see that uniform, i get excited. i get a chill in my stomach. bring them on. >> the pompness. the attitude. they get me sick. >> reporter: so you hate dallas because -- >> 40 years have hatred. >> reporter: how does it feel? does it feel good? are you feeling the hate? >> i feel the hatef
dallas. let me count the ways. coming up. news4. >>> my maryland cousin is a dallas cowboys fan. i don't understand it. the redskins will take that one on sunday. the rain could come on sunday as well. >>> coming up in sports, could carmelo anthony be on the move? a d.c. kid. a couple games away from the championship in years. plus, a redskins rookie said he is ready to go. you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, they're trading up. qualified lessees can get low mileage lease on this 2011 malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch to chevy starts at chevydealer.com. >>> a bank customer in florida is being credited with a robbery. before any money could be handed over, a customer tackled the guy from behind. the suspect broke free and he ran out of the bank without any money. he is still at large. nobody was injured
are following a series of tornadoes that hit in and around dallas tx. this is a live picture in the skies above dallas you can see dark gray skies they are under a tornado warning for another 15 minutes or so. i just learned that for tornadoes officially have touched down in and around dallas in the last two hours. there's been some damage one person was injured a truck driver was injured when his big rig crashed into a building in downtown dallas. we want to show you some video of one of those fun of clouds touching down and ripping through downtown dallas. look all the debris coming into the air there this was about the poor 3:00 p.m. and that was definitely a tornado funnel cloud that has touched the ground and ripped through building. there's a wider shot of it there you can see the final there and there were several them there were four tornados officially in and around the dallas area. at this point only one report of an injury the truck driver that was taken to a nearby hospital. will keep you posted. >> to the web producer brings is a look of the dallas tx area tornado from video and yo
to associate with the storm -- from rain associated with the storm. check out this dramatic video, from dallas. a tornado formed and tore apart a section of a rail yard. the problems are far from over. >>> as for around here, the weather is much different. >> it was hot, hot, hot, another day in the 90's. what is on the way? >> not another day in the 90's. you asked for it and i try to deliver. we tapped into some of the weatherbug sites. this is the amount of rain, dallas, wind gust of 28 m.p.h., left over tropical systems, over 7 inches of rain in dallas-fort worth. that is just today, and that is why they have had flooding. for us, the dry pattern continues. overnight tonight, in the belfort furniture weather center, we will continue to see cool weather coming our way. have we said goodbye to the 90's? it is 2010. this was an exceptional summer. i will tell you in just a few minutes. >> that was very noncommittal. >>> coming up, a campus alert in virginia. the school where students say they want to carry concealed weapons. >> a local gathering tonight involving the controversy of the protes
, steve. >>> excitement is building for the redskins game, and it is against a longtime rival, the dallas cowboys. fans have high hopes, right, for the game? >> i would say. stands right now are arriving right now en force -- fans are arriving. this has helped fire of fans -- fir up fans, as if they needed it. they soaked in up on the jumbotrons. the damp start did not hamper anyone. >> 4.5 hours of rain. fans counted down the hours until the kickoff against dallas. there were plenty of blues -- boos. >> no hair pulling or scratching. >> redskins' fans are put in last year's record behind them and focusing on the future. -- are putting last year's record behind them. >> a big change this year, i hope. i think we have got a real good chance this year. >> many fans say they plan to continue to tail gate after the game to try to avoid all of the traffic that they have been dealing with, although some drivers have said it is not too bad, being spread out. 90 minutes away from kickoff, we are live at fedex field, julie parker, abc7 news. >> all right, thanks a lot, julie, and we will have more
over dallas on national television last night. the victory was set up by this strange play to end the first half. >> a sideways move. there's the ball. he got into the end zone for an unbelievable touchdown. >> the cowboys lost. hall picked up the ball and scored the redskins only touchdown of the game, but it was enough. the redskins won 13-7. >> i was able to get my hands on the ball and schooler. >> the game came down to the final score and dallas had a a touchdown left to win. it was game over. dallas must have been going nuts. they probably thought that was a bad call. >> one of our directors is a dallas fan. it is not pretty. >> ok, 4:37 on this monday morning. >> 61 degrees. the end of an era begins with a big surprise. speculation of mount oprah winfrey's final season premiere. >> a new scandal in the district's race for mayor. >> another check on what could be a foggy >>> it's a quiet morning shaping a across the mid- atlantic. there's patchy fog starting to develop to the west of d.c. there's a frontal system that will move across the area and will pick up later this aft
. that is what did it for the redskins with the big opening win against the dallas cowboys. >> welcome back on this monday, september 13th. a beautiful morning out there as we take a live look over washington, d.c. and actually pretty cool looking. i think is that fog that is coming in right now? >> kind of creepy actually. >> i know that will be sticking around if a while. >> yeah. good morning. next couple of hours. got a dense fog advisory that just went into effect, not here in town but out to the west. it will take a couple of hours. our winds are light so we have to mix up the atmosphere and it will take some sunshine to do that. we have a few more hours with fog. a nice-looking forecast. let's get to it. we'll start with a look at our dense fog advisory. this was issued just a couple of minutes ago by service. counties out to the west including portions of maryland and north central virginia. close-in counties here in washington not under the dog fog advisory but you can see from the live shot, we are getting some fog. it will take some sunshine to work the fog out of the picture. by
line is austin and a time-out with 11 seconds remaining. >> referee: time-out. dallas. their second time-out. 30-second time-out. >> al: 31 huge yards. >> cris: unbelievable mistake. completely blown coverage on the outside. nobody ends up covering miles austin. they come on the blitz. somebody completely blows the assignment and here we go. >> al: austin come out of the slot. austin tonight, ten catches, 146 yards. >> cris: well it is the cowboys and the redskins. i don't know what is going on here. >> al: low ceiling. and the game on the line with 12 seconds left. >> cris: the cowboys have a time-out so they can throw it underneath if they want to. >> al: four-man rush. romo. intended for williams. eight seconds. still time to throw it underneath if they have to and take a time-out. >> cris: here is the thing you have to keep in mind, al. is that as a defense now if you catch the ball short of the goal line, your goal is no longer to get the guy on the ground. you want to try and wrap him up hold him up, let that clock tick. we've seen it happen before. as a receiver
and kansas. showers from dallas and houston. rain south of denver and albuquerque. >> 80s in baltimore, 64 in boston. 77 in detroit. 85 in omaha and 73 in the twin cities. 90s in new orleans and dallas. phoenix will climb to 103. colorado springs, 93. 87 in boise and 70 in seattle. >>> when we come back, sold, the highest price ever paid for a home. you won't believe it. >>> plus where all the gulf oil has gone. >>> and the big win on the world stage for team usa. >>> encouraging economic data out of china this morning has helped to lift overseas markets. tokyo's nikkei average rose 0.9% today. hong kong's hang seng is higher. in london the ftse opened higher. >>> the world's top regulators have agreed on new rules designed to prevent another major financial crisis. the centerpiece of the deal encourages banks to increase the amount of capital they hold. some banks say that would also reduce the lending and actually slow down economic growth. the rules must be ratified by the g-20 nation before taking effect. >>> harley-davidson workers vote on a contract that would freeze pay and slash jo
. >> referee: time-out. dallas. their second time-out. 30-second time-out. >> al: 31 huge yards. >> cris: unbelievable mistake. completely blown coverage on the outside. nobody ends up covering miles austin. they come on the blitz. somebody completely blows the assignment and here we go. >> al: austin come out of the slot. austin tonight, ten catches, 146 yards. >> cris: well it is the cowboys and the redskins. i don't know what is going on here. >> al: low ceiling. and the game on the line with 12 seconds left. >> cris: the cowboys have a time-out so they can throw it underneath if they want to. >> al: four-man rush. romo. intended for williams. eight seconds. still time to throw it underneath if they have to and take a time-out. >> cris: here is the thing you have to keep in mind, al. is that as a defense now if you catch the ball short of the goal line, your goal is no longer to get the guy on the ground. you want to try and wrap him up hold him up, let that clock tick. we've seen it happen before. as a receiver you have to know if you catch it short of the goal line, y
to the self and west of us. 92 in dallas, 96 in memphis. a cool and dry evening ahead as high pressure is just off the coast. we will not get a significant amount of rain, but we will take every drop we can get at this point. cloudy skies kept our temperatures below average today. some light rain for tomorrow, but not enough to break the drought. we will still look for the show worse to come to an in by midday on sunday. tonight, mainly clear and cool. winds out of the north. for tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and cool, warming into the 60's. a nice afternoon tomorrow, up to around 80 degrees. clouds will start to increase during the evening hours into the overnight. sunday morning, some areas of showers, but it will clear out nicely. around 80 degrees both sunday, monday, and tuesday, and dropping into the upper seven's on wednesday and thursday. it looks like a really nice day tomorrow for the kennedy center open house, and plenty of sunshine. the showers will move out by midday on sunday. >> the toyota sports desk, bought you by your local toyota dealers, moving you forward. >> the redskins
think for the most part, the redskins versus dallas, possible light shower but i think it will be dry. and i don't think we'll have any problems getting the game in. the winds will be out of the southwest at five to ten miles an hour. my score? 24-17 redskins. >> write that down. 24-17. something else to look. a tropical storm igor getting more interesting. it came off the cape the last couple days but now it is projected to become a major hurricane. i was looking at the extended model data. it does bring it close. a lot of the models bring it close to the east coast in the next week to ten days. this is something we'll to have watch. i'meding it might turn away like earl did but something to watch. this evening, partly cloudy. comfortable, 69 to 74 degrees. another cool morning. you may need that light jacket as you step outside. still fall-like. as we make our way through the day, temperature climbing up to around the 80-degree mark. mostly sunny. a great day. get out and enjoy it no matter what you want to do. the winds will be variable at five to ten miles an hour. there is that c
. third quarter, more cowboys. 17-3, dallas. to the fourth quarter, a quick pass to williams again. touchdown, dallas cowboys. dallas wins. the giants got slipped by tennessee. bradshaw gives a clear path to the end zone. the linemen is going to work. there is the penalties in play. the results in a safety. he gets the ball back. titans win. 29-10. the ravens at home against the browns. just as he was getting comfortable with his new best friends. 14-3 baltimore. the browns strike back. the browns jump on top, but the raven's put this away in the fourth quarter. he could sit at a 28-yard touchdown. all he does is catch three touchdown passes. he hits it right up the middle. morgan comes around to score. this time a little to the left. it falls in. rodriguez comes home. willie harris scores. here comes danny, and they win, 4-2. jimmy johnson won the triple a 400. >> not too shabby. we will keep our eye on that. >> not too shabby. we will keep our eye on that. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant c
update on donovan mcnabb. the coach tells us whether he will be ready for dallas and one of the most productive players in the offseason. he's not going far. we'll detail all that next in sports. >>> what the redskins could be will be. all that is going to go away. the regular season starts. we'll find out. no better measuring stick than dallas. like it or not, they are a super bowl contender and they will be right here. this should help their cause though. he is confident and donovan mcnabb will be ready to go. surprise, surprise. on his weekly coaches show, he said that they should be ready to practice soon. and he injured his ankle in the raven's preseason game and has not played since. of course, you've got to have your best 53 there against the boys and they are definitely that in his 11-year career with a winning record against dallas as a starter. 11-9. overall, 27 touchdowns verses just 14 picks in the last few years against the current areas for the cowboys, only 3-7 for the regular season and of course the eagles, they were swept last year by dallas. >>> they had the most i
. unfortunately, it's on sunday and we know dallas is coming to town, so we'll see about the timing for that. we'll talk more about that in just a second as well. i wanted you to see the temperature trend. what a change this will be. from 96 degrees to 78 tomorrow. not hot, mild. 77 degrees on friday. saturday we warm up just a little bit, 81 degrees, and you might notice an untick in humidity on saturday and and with showers and clouds around, it will feel warmer. this is the coast of africa and we've just seen wave after wave coming off the coast. igor is moving slowly with winds of 45 miles an hour and it's kind of creeping along to the west. for the next few days, we think it will hit some wind sheer, but as we get into the weekend and first part of next week, it begins to strengthen and continues pretty much on a west to northwest path. that makes it a category 2 on tuesday, so igor is definitely another storm we'll have to keep a close eye on on that path. it could threaten the east coast or go into the gulf of mexico. meanwhile, gaithersburg 73 degrees this evening, but we're seeing 60s t
in the afternoon and by the time you go to the skins game if you're fortunate enough to take in dallas and the redskins on sunday night, kickoff at 8:20, it should be clearing if not totally clear and cool. 73 degrees. very nice football weather indeed. going to talk about the tropical depression igor. it was a storm, weakened a bit today and sort of expected off the coast of africa, close to the cape verde islands. it's forecast to develop into a hurricane again the next 48 hours or so. we believe that it will come out of the wind sheer that it's in and that will allow it to get stronger, moving slowly and we believe that it will be a hurricane by sunday night and have 100 miles an hour winds on tuesday. so, we continue to watch igor. that is an important story. we continue to watch for rain and we do think we'll get this rain that you see here on the weather map coming in to town on late saturday and into sunday. the future cast shows it staying out of the way until we're into the saturday night overnight hours and we'll watch that continue moving quickly out of the picture. wrapping
>>> nos vemos (música) ;univison dallas :":dallas::dallas :":colb::colombianos :":not23::noticias 23 :":wcr::wendy cruz :":ape:: ngel pedreros :":amv::ana mar a vargas :":mrb::mar a ren barillas :":mmo::mario montez :":aga::alejandro garc a :":nhe::norberto hern ndez :":vav::virgilio avila :":vsa::volga santos :":rsa::rodolfo s nchez :":meple::metroplex :":condall::concejales de dallas ::not235::noticias 23 cinco en punto ::deptoj::departamento de justicia ::fmcomb::fin de misiones de combate en irak ::frabri::franklin brito ::hueham::huelga de hambre ::dt::director t cnico ::acos::acostumbrar de ksint::pasto sint tico mau l tamaulipas, es de honduras. y hay operaciones de evacuación en las costas de carolina md norte ante la llegada de earl. este es noticiero univision con jorge ramos y maría elena salinas. . >>> buenas noches ¿estados unidos hay menos indocumentados de lo que todos pensaban, según el calculo, esto dmif k que un millón de inmigrantes sin documentos han dejado el país en parte por la crisis económica y leyes como la de arizona y las deportaciones, veamos . >>
. >> thousands of people in texas are without power! dallas tornados, you can see that funnel cloud forming in this particular picture is one of several. and heather donald shows us that one big rig driver was lucky to escape with his life. >> are you all right sir? >> yes, i am ok. >> this is just the right of his life, the northwest 200 in dallas picked up this 18 miller, turned it 180 degrees and slammed it into the building. here's a picture of the twister as it touched down. you can see the sparks from the downed power lines. the m and warning signs were during the afternoon rush hour. >> and a high wind, whipping a round, smacking everything around, windows pupping and it was over. >> meteorologist said that dallas was lucky it was only a force 2 with a wind of under 100 mi. per hour but the dallas was confined to a relatively small area. the truck, the warehouse, and the car of a very unlucky visitor from california. >> i am from los angeles and i've never been from a tornado, or anything like that. >> scary? >> yes. >> heather donald. >> and traffic in the san jose, this is the 101,
, the deluge in dallas and beyond. plus battleground economy. tonight, the political fight is on. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. >> i propose a six-year infrastructure plan, the more generous permanent extension of the tax credit, all american businesses should be allowed to write off all the investment they do in 2011. >> three proposals with one goal. get the economy moving again. but republicans say they have plans of their own. >> thousands forced to run for their lives as a major wildfire burns out of control. >> you want to go home and you check your home. sounds like we're not going to be able to go up there for a while. >> that was colorado. and in detroit -- >> don't make no sense. >> anger and blame after dozens of homes burn to the ground. flames boil over in los angeles as protesters hit the streets for a second straight day. and a vegas trainer forced to fight a lion. as one of his big cats goes on the attack. but first from fox this wednesday night, now they are getting after it. the showdown over your money in volleys for your votes. president obama tearing into man
take on the dallas cowboys in the season home opener. >>> firefighters outside of san francisco are struggling to put out a massive fire that started with a huge explosion. the fire in the san bruno neighborhood has already killed one person and destroyed 53 homes. crews believe a ruptured gas line sparked that explosion. >>> another metro access driver has been arrested on charges of sexual misconduct. 59-year-old samuel kingston is the fourth metro bus driver to be charged with sexually assaulting a passenger this year. >>> more than 14,000 voters in the district have cast their ballots early ahead of next tuesday's primary. now there are allegations of vote buying of the vincent gray is calling for an investigation. the investigation says no formal complaints have been filed. >>> a federal judge in california says the military's ban on openly gay service members is unconstitutional. the ruling was handed down last night. the judge says she will issue an injunction holding don't ask, don't tell. government lawyers say the issue should be decided by congress. >>> a horrific sce
receptions for 117 yards. dallas was up 17-3. same score in the fourth. dallas keeps dominating. a huge sack on the day, one of four for the boys. now in the fourth 17-6 cowboys. romo to williams again. look out. 63 yards for the touch 3 down. cowboys back up their first win 27-13 is the final. everything is bigger in texas, you know. michael vick a winner in his first start since 2006 last week. looking for two in the row against the jaguars. by the way eagles and skins next week. mark your calendar on fox. >>> vick jackson the former california bear 61 yards for the touchdown. one of three in the air for vick put the eagles up. philly up 21-3. he has wheels, too. 28-3 is your final. michael vick looks like the real deal in philly. >>> the giants hosting the tennessee titans. first quarter giants trail 3-0. manning will get some pressure. he steps up and wings it into the end-zone. left-handed. and the titans tip it. and jason mccordy makes the interception. the giants are three turnovers on the day. third quarter titans down 12- 10. vince young connects with ken before this time for 23 yar
for the redskins in their season opener. the skins are getting ready to take on the dallas cowboys at home sunday night. as you can imagine, fans are getting ready along with the team for the big matchup. elaine reyes is live at the metro station with more on how fans are getting pumped up for the game. >> reporter: you know, you and i both know whenever the redskins play the cowboys, it's always the best trash talking of the year between the two teams of fans. it's already started as you can already imagine. this weekend's matchup against the bitter rivals, dallas cowboys, a lot of stuff going on this weekend for redskins fans. schools in our region can decorate the classrooms to -- in redskins colors and send in photos and submit them for a chance to win $10,000. the owner will appear at heritage high school for that school's pep rally. tomorrow there's also a pep rally for fans and sendoff party for the team at redskins park tomorrow afternoon. and on sunday, game day, the big day, for the first time ever parking lots at fedex field will open at noon for tailgaters for a prime time game. the f
fans maybe got some good news with the dallas lost up next. get any phone free only at verizon when you buy the hot new samsung fascinate with its super amoled screen. get a free samsung intensity, a free blackberry bold or any other phone in our lineup. don't miss out. offer ends soon. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon. ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ >>> this is fox 5 sports extra. >>> welcome back. dave feldman here. since 1978 when the nfl schedule expanded to 16 games only three teams have started the season 3-0 and then went on to reach the super bowl. the cowboys did it back in 1993, but they didn't want to put themselves in a similar situation with the bears. today rookie dez bryant takes if not at the 38. finds the seam -- the punt at the 38, find the seam. 2nd quarter bears trail 14-10, jay cutler, devin hester, 9 yards on the catc
is shrouded right now. it will be lit with excitement as the redskins kick off against the arch rivals dallas cowboys. there are some definite signs of improvement off the field, especially around the stadium. now the gates will actually open at noon. that's a full eight hours, a whole workday before the actual kickoff. they will not be disappointed or languishing. there will be five jumbo trons posted around the parking lot. that will display other nfl action of the day. maybe you want to bring your own in case one of the games you want to see ends up being shown. other improvements are hd video board. replayed and player stats. that will keep you posted as you go out to one of the concession booths or what have you. of course if you can't make it to the game, you can also watch it on news 4. our coverage begins at 8:15 this evening. so that's not way to stay dry. of course this is football weather. especially when you play the dallas cowboys. also, if you get here before 2:00, you will be treated to a parade. it will feature the redskins teenagers and former dexter manley. i can't imagine a
could be sign of something much worse. we'll explain next in your fox 5 top five. >>> the dallas rivalry and what to expect this sunday. >>> and a playmate suffers a panic attack on a plane. wait until you hear what she tried to do next.  finding what you love makes you happy... saving up to 60% every day makes you homegoods happy. ♪ we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. my "me time" is when i thougor maybe 8? on level 2. my "me time" is when there's a 10% chance of rain! [ cellphone rings ] my "me time" is when he doesn't get the hint. ♪ my "me time"... [ bang ] is when everybody's takin' shots at me. [ male announcer ] discover you time anytime. mccafé your day with a mcdonald's frappé. smooth and icy caramel or mocha blended just for you and topped with a decadent drizzle. "me time"! [ male announcer ] the simple joy of a frappé. ♪ >>> well, d
wreaking havoc. >> hermine's latest chaos, tornadoes around dallas. funnel clouds landed into buildings and power lines, casting off debris and electrical sparks. >> the rain is moving in a northeasterly direction, toward illinois. and it will continue to clobber the area with heavy flash flooding. brad wheelis has details. >> reporter: the water rose so quickly, emergency responders used whatever means necessary to get to people in need. >> i'm so thankful they were here to save us. my boyfriend told me to get on the roof. and i did. they put me in the vest and got me across. >> reporter: residents were trapped on roofs and balconies after flash floods turned roads into rivers. the remnants of tropical storm hermine, drenched dallas, austin and san antonio. 10 to 20 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. >> it's been very hard for the people that live here. and very scary for the family. >> reporter: cars were barely visible above the water. homes were islands. schools were evacuated. even pets needed help to reach dry land. one woman was forced to abandon her minivan, wading through waist-d
this far he is 1-0 against the dallas cowboys. redskins played scrappy all the way to the end. snapping say three-game losing streak to their bitter rivals. here's how it went down. last night mike shanahan getting off to a great start. redskins up 3-0. here come the cowboys. or not so much. tony romo scrambles. flips it to choice. uh-oh. deangelo hall knocks the ball loose. scoops it up. a big-time play to close out the first half. a 32 yard touchdown. redskins take a 10-0 lead at half-time. all right. skins up 13-7. third and ten at the 13 yard line. romo looking for somebody. looking for somebody. connects with roy williams with the touchdown. but not so fast. the cowboys called for offensive holding. that's the ball game. redskins win a thriller. the final score, 13-7, snapping a three-game losing streak to dallas. here's head coach mike shanahan. >> it was a nice team win. i told our players, sometimes the offense is going to play good. other time the defense and but at the end of the day you have to find a way to win. that's what we did today. the crowd was a huge part of this win. th
to dallas. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. gurvir has the week off. the game came down to the final play and we will have more highlights in just a few minutes. let's get a check of our weather. turn is in here to give us the latest. >> everybody in a good mood here. redskins win the first game of the season. that is a big one for them after last year. let's get to it. weather starting off on a nice note as well. wave got some fog out there and temperatures in the comfortable range. -- we've got some fog out there and temperature in the comfortable range. some fog has developed as we had some pretty good rain around here yesterday. needed some rain. you see the cloud cover generally east of us and if you look carefully, you see a little lingering cloud cover. it will be a beautiful afternoon as we'll have highs back into the low 80s. early fog, mostly sunny by afternoon. wind out of the west here at about 10 miles per hour. should be a die lightful day. no rain in the forecast today or the next couple of days -- should be a delightful day. >> thank you, tucker. >> there is a flag down at
showers stretching as far north as vermont. hail from nebraska and kansas. showers from dallas and houston. rain south of denver and albuquerque. pop-up showers in florida. >> 80s from miami to baltimore. 75 here in new york. 65 in boston. 77 in detroit. 85 in omaha and 73 in the twin cities. 90s in new orleans and dallas. phoenix will climb to 103. colorado springs, 93. 87 in boise and 70 in seattle. >>> when we come back, sold, the highest price ever paid for a home. you won't believe it. >>> plus, the newest theory about where all the gulf oil has gone. >>> and the big win on the world stage for team usa. ♪ [ female announcer ] we've got stains, down to a science. new wisk, with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology targets all the major stain groups like proteins, carbohydrates and oils. its enzymes and cleaning agents tackle a full range of stains. you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a more powerful clean, try new wisk. fight stains with science. for a more powerful clean, try new wisk. dannon light & fit gives hope. and together, we can help, fiht breast cancer
in and around dallas. twisters knocked into buildings and power lines, sending sparks and debris into the air. a truck driver suffered minor injuries when a tornado slammed his rig into a warehouse. later this half hour, a full report on the deadly flooding triggered by hermine's remnants. >>> the battle over tax cuts is now getting personal between the president and leading republicans. the president is trying to ensure that democrats remain in control on capitol hill. john hendren is joining us from washington with more details. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, rob and vinita. the white house said the president chose cleveland as the site of his speech because it was there a few weeks ago house republican leader john boehner attacked the obama economic program. when the president got to cleveland, he fired back. it was a strikingly personal address with the president saying his vision of america came from his own family's work ethic, but will likely go down as one of the most stridently political addresses of the obama presidency. >> it's still fear ver
tornados that touched down in the dallas area. twisters slammed into buildings, knocking walls down, even tearing roofs away. a truck driver was injured when flying debris hit his cab. >> those leftovers from hermine have created a soggy mess across texas. at least two people were killed when flash floods swept across the state. >> the water rose so fast, firefighters had to come to the rescue of trap the residents at an apartment complex in arlington. the sudden deluge snapped trees and carried off cars before the rain started moving out. >> this season we've seen amazing images of floods across the nation almost. >> that's mother nature. >>> rain and flooding will spread to eastern oklahoma, missouri and arkansas. montana to the dakotas. showers across the northern pacific and pacific northwest. and light rain from upstate new york to northern new england. >> the northeast cools down significantly with highs in the 70s from boston to baltimore. just 60s from detroit to fargo. 72 in salt lake city. 87 in albuquerque. >>> their names may make you think big but they are anything but. >> th
the whole time. the washington redskinsefeated the dallas cowboys in last night's seaso opener. and a win is a win. >> a win is a win. the cowboys beat their own. lindsay, why did that boy take a knee? what's wrong with him? >> reporr: i don't know. i guarantee you he is answering that question many,le time. you said it. a win is a win. what they did against the dallas cowboys was big on many levels but ihink the biggest more important thingas that this team has boht into this new system from the very beginning. yesterday by getting that win at home er dallas, it really validated everhing they've been working on. it was in fact mike shanahan's first real taste of that cowboys/redsns rivalry he had known of. four seconds to go in the first half. the skins up three. tony romo could have but he throws it. deangelo hall withhe heads-up play. he returnst 32 yards for the touchdown. the redskins take a 10-0 lead and lot of nfidence in the halftime. but here we are at the end of the game. three seconds to go. third and ten. the cowboys have a chance to win with a uchdown. romo connects with roy
out to win over rival dallas on national tv last night. the victory was set up by this strange place to end the first task. -- first half. >> the ball is los! deangelo hall has an unbelievable touchdown. -- the ball is loose. >> deangelo hall had the only touchdown of the game for the redskins and was enough to win. the final score with 13-7. >>> 60 degrees right now. >> still ahead, an international power struggle could be coming to an end. >>> it was a good night for lady gaga. but that was blown away by a yearlong feud. >>> another check >> good monday morning. temperatures holding in the mid to upper 50s to low 60's across the area. let's look at the weather and other networks. dealing with little fog. it is 62 and reagan national, 58 in leesburg. 57 in walkersville. there is a dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning in frederick county, loudoun county, if the panhandle of west virginia, washington county, until 9:00. the traffic is right after this. >>> marc rail, kempton line train 843 running 20 minutes late. line.amden northbound 395 running a speed. ginobili on the belt w
left its mark on texas after making landfall. flood overran parts of dallas with water featuring five feet in areas. >> small tornados were spotted leaving at least one person injured. here now is "american landscape" coverage from wfaa in dallas. >> reporter: a tornado on the ground in downtown dallas. warning sirens. a sight not seen in years. >> whoa, there we go, transformer fire right there. >> reporter: we watched as multiple funnel clouds touched down in north texas. >> i heard that train sound. it's a roar. and i was running, hoping that it wouldn't catch me and pick me up. >> reporter: but before the storm, and before the twisters -- >> up to here, to my knees, i guess, in the house. >> reporter: it was buckets of rain that drenched the area, leaving cars under water, drivers stranded, and a ladder as the only way out for dozens of people. from floods to tornados, it was a day of weather many won't soon forget. good evening, everyone. i'm gloria compose. >> thanks for joining us for the news 8 update. this is what caused a lot of the damage in dallas county tonight. you can c
.y.. for some, it is their first trip to the united states. the dallas heat was a lot for even a fire fighter to take. >> it was brutal. >> but the hope is that like on september 11, that pain will bring all of us closer together. >> we will forget some of the things that divide us. >> the group will arrive in washington tomorrow. you can track them or make a donation. >>> a judge of the bahamas has dismissed the charges from two people accused of trying to extort the money from john travolta. the actor no longer wants to pursue the case. they were accused of threatening to release private information about his son. >> he is quoted saying he wanted to get back at her family, saying that her family's made his life tough for five years. a grand jury indicted the dutchman on extortion charges. he is in prison in peru, charged with killing stephanie flores. >>> a plane crashed in las vegas this morning. the pilot was never able to gain enough altitude. that plan eventually crashed right in the middle of a neighborhood. one person in the plane had died, three others survived. they all suffered cri
. bost today around 68. northern plains looks good. here is that hot weather, denver to dallas all the way through florida. i guess the good news is that we won't see the big storms heading our way, veronica. we had lot of powerful hurricanes this season already,y but they've all beenout safely in the water where we want them to stay. >> so igor will be a category 5 hurricane for the fish. >> yeah. it will churn the water pretty good. >>> hertz beats out avis what to look for on wall seet this week and how not to read the ne. your "first look" on this mornin g's business headlines i coming up.si >> a conoversial call against the lions. the redskins and cowboys go down to the wire and another championship for usa basketball. [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis going? they're dcovering the first self-injectable ra medicine you take just once a month. it's si oni™,u take just once a month. and taken with methotrexate, it helps relieve the pain, stiffness, and swelling of ra with one dose a month. visit 4simponi.com to see if you qualify f
stranded, waiting to be rescued. and abc was there. here's ryan owens from dallas. >> it's getting higher. please get me out! >> reporter: the flash floods stranded dozens of residents of this arlington, texas, apartment complex this morning. >> you have to go upstairs for me, all right? >> reporter: the rising water carried off cars and cut off people from their families. >> said the water was up to his knees. >> reporter: firefighters used ladders to bring residents to safety. they also managed to save a few family pets. >> it came up so fast, it was -- everybody is asking me, why didn't you leave? why didn't you leave? it was just -- it was in the blink of an eye, how quick it went up. >> there you go. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one surprised. large portions of texas, from austin to dallas, saw a foot of rain, all more than 36 hours after hermine made landfall, 500 miles to the south. >> reporter: tonight, what's left of hermooin spawned off to dallas, including this one very close to downtown dallas. oklahoma is next, but much of the midwest will feel her wrath by the end of the
home even ter being traded to dallas. >> hello! >> hi. >> how are you? >> good. >> good. great to see you. >> thank you. >> that's caron. >> and your brother. >> nice to meet you. >> so what are you making today? >> we're having fresh tomato basil soup. i hope that you like that. >> uh-huh. >> and we're having chicken sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches in teriyaki sauc >> uh-huh. >> and then i made some keylime pie for dessert. >> do you le that? >> i'm in. >> training in dallas in february and for you i would imagine it was a good situation, obviously. you go to a playoff contender. it was kind of a fresh page for you, did you fol like, in your career? and what was it like when you actually got there? >> it was fun. getting the warm welcome and you know, going over with guys that i've played with. >> right. brendan and desean. >> desean. and you know at the same time you know i understand that, that was business. >> yeah. >> but just leaving the city that i was so you know accustomed to. >> and because you had moved so much in your career, this had been the place that you had bee
in the minds of a lot of people. red skin, mcnabb, shanahan. that is a big step up. dallas and washington is always great but there is always instreeg. >> and the cowboys are vulnerable. may or may not be able to play. we are not sure. and there are so many stories in washington, the albert haynesworth saga. how can mcnabb play for the redskin redski redskins? one of the more stunning things we have seen and he is going prove himself. >> and the front for the dallas cowboys, you know, normally preseason means nothing but the cowboys played five preseason games and they didn't look good in the end. >> they were as bazic as any team can be. and they know it doesn't matter in the preseason. it expect more fie power. >> see you inside the belt way. >> can't wait. >> 14-9 is the final score here in new orleans. bob costas will host football night. and sunday night football. up next, a new "tonight show with jay leno" and late night with jimmy fallon. for cris collinsworth, andrea kremer, the entire sports crew, good night from new orleans. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com [ male announcer
a three-game losing streak to dallas. here's head coach mike shanahan. >> it was a nice team win. i told our players, sometimes the offense is going to play good. special teams. but at the end of the day you have to find a way to winment that's what we did today. the crowd was a huge part of this win. they could hardly hear the snap count. i thought we had a big advantage there relative to the crowd noise. anyway, very pleased with our team. >> up next for mike shanahan and the redskins, the houston texans. that's all for now. i'm hakim dermish. have a great day. >>> the partying began early with many fans showing up to tailgate some eight hours before game time. and the burgandy and gold was spirited and confident. >> wearing a burgandy all the way through through. all the way through. i'm talking about every day you live and breathe redskins. >> we have a real good quarterback, a new coach. and i think they're going to go. >> to the super bowl? >> oh, yeah. mcnabb is on a roll and he's not going to stop. >> a lot are talking a super bowl win after that game. next up, houston texan
fans have been waiting for. at the dallas cowboys showed up to take on the new and improved teams and redskins fever is taking the region by storm. courtney robinson got an earful. a >> for moments it seems the redskins-cowboys rivalry would end with a blue win. but a holding call against dallas men no tv for them -- td for them and they win for the skins. >> if he did not hold them, it would have been over. >> this morning fans say although it was close the team is on the right track. many die hards stayed up late, sacrificing sleep to watch the first game of the season. the cat -- kickoff of the shanahan-mcnabb era. >> of the cowboy fans trying to hide. >> let's play ball. >> most who weathered last season's many losses say they are just glad 41. >> it is great. fun to be around people. i work at a retirement community and everybody has redskins things up outside their doors. >> others, some cowboy fans who dared show their faces gave out backhanded congratulations. tried and true followers say game 1 foreshadows. >> redskins, ok. at the end of the day -- we are 1-0 over dallas.
in prime time tomorrow. against the dallas cowboys. technology at fedex field is helping fans. >> reporter: tailgating fans will get to watch other nfl games on these huge jumbotrons. they'll be tuned to the nfl's red zone channel so fans won't miss any of the major games of the day. it's the first time the screens will be used this way at a regular season game. >> you can expect to see five gigantic boards, video boards that are going to have nfl red zone. you can keep up on all the games, all the exciting plays. while you're enjoying a tailgating experience. >> gates at fedex field will open at noon sunday. more than eight hours before the season opener. fans who get here at 2:00 sunday afternoon will see a parade right here in the parking lot. it will feature the redskins cheerleaders and band. it will all be led by former red skins dexter manly. >> reporter: the measures are meant to create a more fan friendly experience inside the field. these new boards will help fans keep track of the action and player stats. >> a lot of stadium upgrades is good, but if we continue not to win and tr
of tornadoes in the dallas-fort worth area, reports of eight tornadoes swirling, some right through central dallas, moving over buildings, one tornado hit a shopping center, scattering debris all over the place. jenna: imagine seeing this giant dark cloud coming towards you, a helicopter tv crew caught this on camera. watch for the flashes of light by that tower on your screen there. that's the funnel cloud that is slamming into power lines. just imagine that. there were power outages, no reports of any serious injuries. that's a good thing, but quite a scary situation. >>> also check this out, also in dallas, several funnel clouds forming after the heavy rains moved out. you can see the tornadoes moving across the sky there as the sun is trying to break out through some of those dark clouds. >>> well, where are folks feeling the rest of this storm now? meteorologist janice dean is watching this from the weather center. some incredible pictures. >> reporter: my gosh, you want to warn people, do not try this at home. they really got hit hard by this tropical storm in texas, and it's just a r
in the parking lot doing some grilling before kickoff. fans are feeling confident after beating dallas last weekend. right now, they're feeling the skins are unbeatable. >> the old redskins would have not held the cowboys. but last week, it's a new team, a new coach and the texans don't know what's coming at them. >> it's going to be the best season we've had in a long time. redskins number one in this town with channel 4. >> i'm kind of scared, but i think we're going to be okay. >> 35 years of marriage today and we're at the redskins game. >> hail to e redskins. >> reporter: that's devotion there coming here on their anniversary. the redskins, 1-0 on the season, hoping to make it 2-0. >> good to see that anniversary couple and the chief as well. we'll cut him a check for that plug. thank you so much. >>> coming up, the victim of a real acid attack talking about the woman who faked the whole thing. >>> plus, in case you hadn't noticed, it has been gorgeous outside. chuck bell will join us to tell us about a cooldown and think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally transforming ou
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